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Hotel Bed Bug Heater System | Model BK-15L

Bed Bug Heat Doctor

Hotel Bed Bug Heater System | Model BK-15L

$2,999.00 $3,299.00

Lease from $79.67*


The BK-15 uses two 220 circuits and four 120 circuits and will cover up to 600 square feet. This unit has a built-in fan that circulates the heat to all the cracks and crevices.  The unit is lightweight and easy to carry.  The heater temperature is set to 140 degrees and will not damage any electronics.  Bed Bugs die at 111 degrees and their eggs die at 117 degrees.  Our heater will bring the temperature of the room to at least 125 degrees in all cracks and crevices of the room.  

Why Customers Love It:

The heater is manufactured in the USA!  It is constructed of steel and is a professional grade heater.  Customers love it because it does not require all the extra fans due to the unique design of the heater using resistors instead of coils.


Bed Bug Heater designed for hotel suites up to 600 sq ft  (Entire Package)

  • Dimensions:  23"x 15"x 12"
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • 47,428 BTU’s
  • 14.7 Kilowatts
  • Rooms up to 600 sq. ft.
  • Power:  32 amps @240 volts; 28 amps @120Volt
  • Treatment Time: 6-8 hours
  • Warranty: 1 year Manufacturer Warranty on parts and 2 years on heating elements
  • Shipping Details: system comes in three boxes.

 Package includes:

  • (1) BK-15L Heater
  • (2) High Temperature fans (two options)
  • (1) 20' 220 Extension Cord
  • (1) 50' 220 Extension Cord
  • (2) 15' Extension Cords
  • (2) 50' Extension Cords
  • (2) Sprinkler Head Covers
  • (1) Infrared Heat Gun


FAB Benefits:

  • Green technology – chemical free
  • Easy to set up and short treatment time
  • Lightweight and easy to transport; about knee-high
  • Built-in fan, two fans needed for additional treatment area


How effective is heat in treating bed bugs?
Heat is the only 100% effective treatment in killing bed bugs.  Bed bugs die at 111 degrees and their eggs die at 117 degrees.  7 of the 12 species of bed bugs are either immune or becoming immune to the chemicals used in treatments.

If I am heating a room of 600 square feet, how long will the total treatment time require?
Treatment times vary depending on building construction but generally the unit should take 1-3 hours to get to temperature, and you need to hold that temperature for 3-4 hours.  For most treatments, the times are 6-8 hours total.

*See lease terms for full details. 

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