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Bed Bug Heater System | Model BBHD-Pro 7


Bed Bug Heater System | Model BBHD-Pro 7

$1,749.00 $2,475.00

Kill Bed Bugs Fast and Affordably

Lease from $59.79*

The BBHD-PRO 7 package is the #1 choice for killing bed bugs the first time, every time.

Designed for rooms less than 275 square feet, this heater produces 19,654 BTUs for complete treatment of bedrooms and other areas infested with bed bugs.

The BBHD-PRO 7 is the first Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol bed bug heater that runs on 4 15-amp breakers and a 120-volt circuit. It is thermostat controlled for accurate heating and comes with a luggage handle and wheels for easy movement and installation in any space. Moving the BBHD-PRO 7 is easy, allowing it to be used in almost any area of your home, apartment building, or other location. A built-in fan disseminates the powerful heat evenly and effectively throughout rooms, hallways and other areas being treated for bed bugs.The BBHD-Pro 7 is the ideal bed bug heater for homes, apartments, hospitals, camps, and other small room types. 

The BBHD-PRO 7 is Ideal for:

  • Pest Control Companies
  • Apartment and Property Managers
  • Building Owners
  • Camps
  • Condominiums
  • Daycare Facilities and Schools
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Other Healthcare Facilities
  • Homeowners

BBHD-PRO 7 Package

The BBHD-PRO 7 package from PrevSol includes everything you will need to rid your property of pesky bed bugs:

  • 1 BBHD-PRO 7
  • 1 15-foot 12/3 extension cord
  • 1 25-foot 12/3 extension cord
  • 2 50-foot extension cords
  • 1 infrared temperature gun
  • 1 instruction card
  • 1 instruction DVD
  • 2 sprinkler head covers

Additional items you may need, depending on the type of room you are treating. 

  • High-temperature fan: If you are treating a room with a closet or hard to reach places, the high-temperature fan will circulate the air to get every corner and crevice. 
  • Sprinkler covers: Always use sprinkler covers when treating a room with a bed bug heater. Keep your items safe and protected. 

One-Year Manufacturer Warranty

You can purchase the BBHD-Pro 7 bed bug heater package with confidence, knowing that the unit is covered by a comprehensive, one year manufacturer warranty. If anything goes wrong with your unit in the first year you own it, Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol will repair or replace it, at no additional cost.

*See lease terms for full details. 

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