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1.7 oz Hand Sanitizer


1.7 oz Hand Sanitizer


Hand/Skin Sanitizer Features

Our anti-bacterial foaming hand and skin sanitizer foam is naturally derived from plants and effectively kills up to 99.99% of germs. Along with frequent hand washing, this amazing sanitizing spray helps protect against and reduce bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause disease. It’s part of an effective bed bug treatment program and keeps you free from harmful germs.

PrevSol Bed Bug Spray Hand Sanitizer

• Non-alcohol formula will not dry skin and remove natural oils
• Unique formulations that is both Antibacterial and Antimicrobial
• Improves skin condition with repeated use
• Unlike alcohol-based products, MicroArmor remains effective for 2-4 hours
• Effective against MRSA and VRE and other germs that alcohol-based products are not
• Unlike alcohol-based products is non-flammable and safe for kids
• More effective than competitive products
Many popular hand sanitizers and antimicrobial products use ethyl alcohol, harsh foaming agents, synthetic gels and preservatives. These ingredients are harmful to children and not broken down in the environment, harming wildlife and damaging the ecosystem.

All ingredients used in MicroArmor Skin Sanitizer are natural and plant derived – from soy, palm, coconut and corn. MicroArmor Skin Sanitizers have a bio renewable index of 75 as it contains materials of vegetable origin that can be replenished in the environment in a relatively short period of time. Plant oils and oleochemicals derived from them represent such alternative sources, which can deliver a substantial part of what is needed to replace petroleum based raw materials. Plant derived raw materials, such as those used in the making of MicroArmor Skin Sanitizer are directly renewable by the photosynthetic reduction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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