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16 oz Bed Bug Spray (spray bottle)


16 oz Bed Bug Spray (spray bottle)


Fight Bed Bugs When You’re Away From Home

For frequent travelers who are on the road for work or vacation and those who enjoy camping in the great outdoors, bed bugs are a very real concern. Staying in a hotel, apartment or campsite that is infested with bed bugs can ruin any business trip or family vacation very quickly.

PrevSol’s All Natural Bed Bug Spray, by MicroArmor, is a safe and natural treatment that eliminates bed bugs fast and effectively repels the pests for up to 30 days. Just spray it on a mattress, couch, sofa or other area where bed bugs may congregate and sleep in peace. It’s safe around children and dogs and comes with a pleasant scent, with no heavy chemical odors.

The sprays come in a range of convenient sizes for travel and refilling, including handy 3-oz bottles and 1.7 oz foaming hand sanitizers that are approved for airline carry-on travel and a larger 32-oz bottle that is perfect for refilling travel size bottles.

PrevSol Bed Bug Spray, 16-ounce Spray Bottle

Bed Bug Spray Features and Performance

• Most Effective Bed Bug Repellent Available (will kill on contact)
• Three Unique Modes of Action Proven to Repel Insects
• Limit Access to treated area for pets until spray is dry*
• Mild Pleasant Potpourri Smell
• 100% EPA FIFRA 25(b) Exempt Ingredients
• Repels Adult Bed Bugs & Nymphs
• Perfect for travelers to spray on luggage, belongings, hotel rooms, and beds

           *It is recommended to limit access to cats due to essential oil sensitivity

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